What is an alternativebk?

With the alternative, everything you are looking for in the internet world is a website that offers you alternatives.

How do I vote for the app I like?

In the image below, you can vote by clicking the oy ver butonu button in the field that we have shown with a red mark.

alternatifle sık sorulan sorular


How to Comment / Evaluate the Application I Like

Rating & Comments field at the end of the content by giving a star, you can process the comments and reviews you want.

What Does Freemium Mean?

The Turkish equivalent of the freemium is the free elite. It is a compound word consisting of the words free which means free and premium which means exclusive. Freemium can be considered a pricing strategy. A new envi is the kind of usage you can provide for free use but you have to pay to access more advanced features.

How can we reach you?

You can easily contact us via the contact form or e-mail address on our contact page.