About Us

Alternativebk is a website that offers you alternatives for everything you are looking for in the internet world. We offer a list of what you might use as an alternative to an application, program, or website that you liked at first but didn’t like it later or annoyed you. We provide all the details, platforms and license types in this list as information.

In addition, we recognize opportunities to express, evaluate or score your satisfaction or complaints. Our platform, which started to serve in 2019, will not force or exhaust you due to its simple and easy use.

For now, we will be able to provide access to our platform via android and ios markets as soon as we provide services from our website. Considering our country, we have the title of being one of the first platforms to offer this system to you, your suggestions or complaints are very important in our development and in bringing new updates. Please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form.

With subsequent updates we will provide membership systems, different presentations and opportunities for you to submit new alternatives. Our number of content will increase every day and we will try to meet your every need.

Don’t forget to recommend our platform to your friends in order to develop, grow together and offer you a much wider archive.